SpeakTweet! Available on the App Store

written in ios

Finally. Me and my projectmate Nicola Miotto developed a new app for iPhone. It’s a Twitter Client that “reads” your tweet flows! It uses a vocal synth for english language. 3 weeks working and now the app is finally online on the App Store!

SpeakTweet! is a client for Twitter® that brings voice to your Twitter® feeds. Add your account and SpeakTweet! will read your tweets for you. You can interact and post tweets from the application. Great for driving or use when you need to have your hands free. Vocal synthesis is available only for english language (for now).

Happy Apple Boys! :-D w00t

Speaktweek-screenshot-1 Speaktweek-screenshot-2 Speaktweek-screenshot-3 Speaktweek-screenshot-4