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A Mind-blowing Impression Tracking Proposal on iOS

In one of my previous companies, it happened from time to time I had the opportunity to do some R&D of experimental ideas. What came out once, was, in my opinion, pretty neat. It never saw the light in production and I don’t want this amount of work to be forgotten, so here is, after years, a still valid outline of a powerful impression tracking engine on iOS.

Before further reading, you should be familiar with AOP and you should read my previous article on Analytics on iOS.


  • You have an app with a feed
  • You want to track the impressions of the items
  • You don’t want to track items displayed on screen during a fast scroll
  • You only want to track impressions that stay on screen for more than n seconds

Reasons for this are, for example, you want to collect data for the impressions to better sell ads. Prepare to read a lot of code to understand the overall design, not the implementation (for that you need quite some time).

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