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From the Eyes of an iOS Dev at JUST EAT

It has been almost 6 months since my last blog post. Things have changed quite a lot since then. Six months ago I was still excited about my travel to San Francisco for the WWDC 2014, my girlfriend still had to move from Italy to London with me and definitely I wasn’t planning to switch job again any time soon.


I’ve been attracted by JUST EAT as a company since March 2014 but at that time it was too early for me to consider to change job. I met Ben Chester (the tech lead of the iOS team) when he gave a talk at Badoo offices (when I was still working there) and that evening he blew my mind. Later, I had a few chances to have a chat with the passionated guy he is and I immediately thought “Damn! I want to work with this guy, with brilliant guys like him and I want to work at JUST EAT!”.

Since then, I heard people talking extremely good about JUST EAT as a job place because of the values, the work environment, the company culture and the engineeristic approach to things. Every time I started with “Do you know JUST EAT as a company?” the answer was something like “Oh yeah! They are freaking cool! I have a friend working there, they do amazing stuff and he’s very very happy!”. They definitely were all good signs. Signs I decided not to underestimate anymore these days.

Another good sign was also the exposure and lots of information that the company promotes online with its tech blog giving a good insight of the technologies used, the people and teams working there and a good description of the Engineering. Benefits are also compelling.

JUST EAT offices hosted NSLondon a few times. Meetups, you know, are the perfect occasions to reach out the developers' community. I noticed too many cool companies failing at this.

After months of interest about JUST EAT and thoughts spinning in my head, I said to myself “let’s see if I have what it takes”. I decided to apply for the Senior iOS role in later October 2014 kicking off the process taking the test task. I joined the Consumer iOS app team at the begin of 2015 and after 2 months of excitement I’m summarizing some thoughts here.


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The Cost of Moving

I have friends in Italy who are eager to move to London. We all have. Most of these friends are concerned about the cost of moving within London, for some idiotic reasons people think that buses and underground are too expensive. Well… that’s bullshit. The aim of this article is to compare the cost of moving within Italy and London and prove that London is much more cheaper than expected. The assumptions here are: in Italy you need a car for living, while in London not. Don’t you think it’s the same? Bullshit again, in big cities like London you just need a public transports subscription. You really don’t want to own a car (which is a huge relief for me since I moved to London).

So… the goal to reach here is: “One wants to move around the city, to go to work or out for having fun.”. You may achieve that in different ways in Italy and London. Find below what my personal expenses were in Italy and now, that I moved to London.

Don’t misunderstand me, it might be that here I’m comparing apples to oranges to you, but just try to follow me in the process.

Let’s go bananas and run some numbers.

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