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CocoaPods: Working With Internal Pods Without Hassle

CocoaPods is cool. I was honoured to have a chat with Fabio Pelosin, the main contributor, at the NSLondon meetup some time ago and see how much passion those guys put in this project.

I was one of the first supporters back in 2012 and I have some Pods in the Specs repo (ADB prefixed). Recently, I spent several days going through some hidden aspects of CocoaPods, ending up reading some source code from the Core and Xcodeproj.

During one of the last few NSLondon(s) of 2013, Orta explained the advantages of CocoaPods and Abizer Nasir, in the following meetup, discussed the usage of Git submodules. Basically comparing their visions.

What I’m going to explain here is a solution to a common scenario:

Manage the versioning of internal private pods within projects without hassle.

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